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Six Books to Forage From a Library or Bookstore

The Farmers Almanac has predicted a cold, wet winter for the prairies, so we hope you are soaking up every last bit of sunshine and enjoying the outdoors (at least while you can without having to wear your long underwear and multiple layers of clothing). Better schedule those hikes, camping trips, and lake days sooner rather than later!

Our August book list features Alberta books to reference when you come across new and exciting plants during your adventures outside. Whether you are looking to identify and forage plants or create something new with them, the reference guides and cookbooks included in this list will teach you what you need to know.

We recommend heading to your local library or indie bookstore to forage for these books and others!

Sandra Walker

The Path to Wild Food is an ethical field guide and recipe book that promotes respect for the natural world. Written by Sandra Walker, an accomplished ethnobotanist and educator, this book provides readers with an overview of the variety of plants available to harvest and what to do with them when you find them!

Path to Wild Food, The: Edible Plants & Recipes for Canada

Sandra Walker (CA)

Published: Aug 15, 2021 by Lone Pine Media
ISBN: 9781774510667

John Butler

Whether you planted this prolific plant in your garden or foraged it from your neighbours, the recipes in this cookbook will give you plenty of ideas of what to do with zucchini when you have lots on hand. Master Chef John Butler presents 100 fresh ways to use the fruit, from appetizers to main dishes, breads and biscuits, sweet treats and more. 

Zucchini: You Can Never Have Enough

John Butler (CA)

Published: May 01, 2001 by Hole's
ISBN: 9780888643797

Kathryn Chase Merrett

If foraging isn’t your thing, you can read about Edmonton’s distinct horticultural history and character instead. In this collection of nine essays, the development of Edmonton’s social, cultural, and physical landscape, as it has been shaped by champions of both nature and the garden, is explored.

Why Grow Here: Essays on Edmonton's Gardening History

Kathryn Chase Merrett (CA)

Published: Jun 18, 2015 by University of Alberta Press
ISBN: 9781772120486

Beryl Hallworth and C. C. Chinnappa

Sprawling across Alberta’s prairies and foothills to the heights of the Rockies, Kananaskis Country is home to a rich diversity of plant life. Plants of Kananaskis Country describes in detail 423 of the most significant, identifiable, or characteristic species of this region and provides important notes on the history of human use of these plants. Throw this reference guide in your backpack for the next time you are in Kananaskis!

Plants of Kananaskis Country in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta

Beryl Hallworth, C. C. Chinnappa (CA)

Published: Nov 01, 1997 by University of Alberta Press
ISBN: 9780888642974

Helene Schalkwijk-Barendsen

Mushrooms of Western Canada is the essential reference guide for any mushroom forager. With over 500 species of mushrooms meticulously illustrated and reviewed in the text, any mushroom you find will be easily identifiable. Poisonous look-alike species are also extensively discussed, so no costly mistakes are made!

Mushrooms of Western Canada

Helene Schalkwijk-Barendsen (CA)

Published: Aug 15, 2021 by Lone Pine Media
ISBN: 9781774510957

Carrie Armstrong

Mother Earth Plants for Health & Beauty is a reference guide written by the founder of Mother Earth Essentials, a well-known Indigenous-owned skincare company. The recipes and traditions in this book reflect the culture and the knowledge of the Medicine Wheel and can be used to create skincare products for a natural beauty regime. Head outside to start foraging for these plants!

Mother Earth Plants for Health & Beauty: Indigenous Plants, Traditions, and Recipes

Carrie Armstrong (CA)

Published: Dec 01, 2020 by Eschia Books
ISBN: 9781926696645