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Alberta Bestsellers: September 2022

The Alberta Bestsellers list for September 2022 includes titles from Durvile & UpRoute Books, Summerthought Publishing, Stonehouse Publishing, and more!

The Alberta Bestseller list is created using national sales data from Bookmanager to rank books published in Alberta.
The Little Book: Story Reader for a Free Ukraine

Mykola Matwijczuk (CA)

Published: Mar 31, 2022 by Durvile Publications
ISBN: 9781990735042


Nahganne: Tales of the Northern Sasquatch

Red Grossinger (CA)

Published: Oct 01, 2022 by Durvile Publications
ISBN: 9781988824598


The Prairie Chicken Dance Tour

Dawn Dumont (CA)

Published: Sep 27, 2021 by Freehand Books
ISBN: 9781988298870


Mother Earth Plants for Health & Beauty

Carrie Armstrong

Published: Dec 01, 2020 by Eschia Books
ISBN: 9781926696645


 Canadian Rockies Trail Guide By: Brian Patton and Bart Robinson Book CoverCanadian Rockies Trail Guide

Brian Patton and Bart Robinson (CA)

Published: May 15, 2022 by Summerthought Publishing
ISBN: 9781926983530


Taste of Hunger, The

Barbara Joan Scott (CA)

Published: Sep 01, 2022 by Freehand Books
ISBN: 9781990601187


Up The Coast: One Family’s Wild Life in the Forests of British Columbia

Kathryn Willcock (CA)

Published: May 15, 2022 by NeWest Press
ISBN: 9781774390511


10 Days That Shaped Modern Canada

Aaron Hughes (CA)

Published: Aug 15, 2022 by The University of Alberta Press
ISBN: 9781772126327


Siksikaitsitapi: Stories of the Blackfoot People

Payne Many Guns (CA), Crystal Many Fingers (CA), Sheena Potts (CA)

Published: Apr 26, 2022 by Durvile Publications
ISBN: 9781988824833


Letters to Singapore

Kelly Kaur (CA)

Published: May 01, 2022 by Stonehouse Publishing
ISBN: 9781988754390