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A Rainbow of Books: Violet

It’s been fun running through a rainbow of books these past few months. But all good things come to an end, and this November, Read Alberta offers you a feast of VIOLET book covers to last you through winter.

By Mark A. McCutcheon

The Medium Is the Monster: Canadian Adaptations of Frankenstein and the Discourse of Technology shows how we cannot talk about technology—that human-made monstrosity—today without conjuring Frankenstein, thanks in large part to its Canadian adaptations by pop culture icons such as David Cronenberg, William Gibson, Margaret Atwood, and Deadmau5. In the unexpected connections illustrated by The Medium Is the Monster, McCutcheon brings a fresh approach to studying adaptations, popular culture, and technology.

The Medium Is the Monster: Canadian Adaptations of Frankenstein and the Discourse of Technology

Mark A. McCutcheon (CA)

Published: May 15, 2018 by Athabasca University Press
ISBN: 9781771992367

By Martin M. Tweedale

In Making Wonderful :Ideological Roots of Our Eco-Catastrophe Martin M. Tweedale tells how an ideology in the West energized an economic expansion that has led to ecological disaster. Exploring sources from philosophy, religion, and the history of ideas, Making Wonderful is for all readers who are intellectually curious about the roots of our eco-catastrophe.

Making Wonderful: Ideological Roots of Our Eco-Catastrophe

Martin Tweedale (CA)

Published: Mar 08, 2023 by University of Alberta Press
ISBN: 9781772126242

By Alison Beck & A. H. Jackson

Traditionally, plants were used to treat and cure whatever ails, from cuts and burns to colds and flu, from stress and insomnia to arthritis and hemorrhoids. Now you can harness nature’s healing power in your garden. In this book, which has been seven years in development, veteran garden writers Alison Beck and A. H. Jackson feature some of the most common and easy-to-grow plants that also have medicinal qualities.

Medicinal Garden Plants for Canada

Alison Beck (CA), A.H. Jackson (CA)

Published: Apr 01, 2021 by Lone Pine Media
ISBN: 9781774511619

Edited by S. M. Beiko

With stories spanning time, galaxies, and spirits, Gothic Tales of Haunted Futures features seventeen original stories, casting the indelible themes of gothic romance forward in time, to imagined futures and tomorrow’s afterlives. Featuring all-original comics, curated by award-winning author and editor S. M. Beiko.

Gothic Tales of Haunted Futures

Published: Oct 21, 2020 by Renegade Arts Entertainment
ISBN: 9781989754030

By Robert William Sandford

The Weekender Effect II: Fallout is a pandemic-inspired sequel to the original The Weekender Effect, looking at the current and future challenges facing mountain communities. It is a passionate plea for considered development in these precious communities and for the necessary protection and restoration of landscapes and positive transformation of local values, identity, and sense of place, here and everywhere.

Book Cover: THE WEEKENDER EFFECT II By Robert William SandfordThe Weekender Effect II: Fallout

Robert William Sandford (CA)

Published: May 23, 2023 by RMB | Rocky Mountain Books
ISBN: 9781771606080

By Kindrie Grove

This book describes 150 breeds of horses common in North America and Europe. From work horse to pony, and from lineage to key identifying features, this book is perfect for horse lovers or for the family road trip through the countryside.

Book Cover: PONIES & HORSES By Kindrie GrovePonies & Horses

Kindrie Grove

Published: 2021 by Lone Pine Publishing
ISBN: 9781988294063

By Clem Martini & Olivier Martini

Olivier Martini and his mother, Catherine, have lived together since he was diagnosed with schizophrenia thirty-six years ago. It hasn’t always been a perfect living situation, but it’s worked—Catherine has been able to help Olivier through the ups and downs of living with a mental illness, and Olivier has been able to care for his aging mother as her mobility becomes limited, and Olivier’s brothers Clem and Nic have been able to provide support to both as well. But then Olivier experiences a health crisis at the exact same time that his mother starts slipping into dementia.

The Martini family’s lifelong struggle with mental illness is suddenly complicated immeasurably as they begin to navigate the convoluted world of assisted living and long-term care.

The Unravelling: How our caregiving safety net came unstrung and we were left grasping at threads, struggling to plait a new one

Clem Martini (CA), Olivier Martini (CA)

Published: Sep 12, 2017 by Freehand Books
ISBN: 9781988298153

By Nisha Patel

In her debut collection, Canadian National Slam Champion Nisha Patel commands her formidable insight and youthful, engaged voice to relay experiences of racism, sexuality, empowerment, grief, and love. These are vitally political feminist poems for young women of colour, with bold portrayals of confession, hurt, and healing.


Nisha Patel (CA)

Published: Apr 01, 2021 by NeWest Press
ISBN: 9781774390238