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A Rainbow of Books: Green

It’s August, and the world is sweltering. And true to the colour of the season, Read Alberta brings you books in GREEN.

Edited by Manijeh Mannani and Veronica Thompson

Through the examination of works by, among others, the iconic poet Forugh Farrokhzad, the expatriate author Goli Taraqqi, the controversial memoirist Azar Nafisi, and the graphic novelist Marjane Satrapi, author of Persepolis, this volume engages with the complex and contested discourses of religion, patriarchy, and politics that are the contemporary product of Iran’s long and revolutionary history.

Familiar and Foreign: Identity in Iranian Film and Literature

Published: Oct 01, 2015 by Athabasca University Press
ISBN: 9781927356869

Edited by Clark Banack and Dionne Pohler

This collection challenges misconceptions that rural Canada is a bastion of intolerance. While examining the extent and nature of contemporary cultural and religious discrimination in rural Canadian communities, the editors and contributors explore the many efforts by rural citizens, community groups, and municipalities to counter intolerance, build inclusive communities, and become better neighbours.

Building Inclusive Communities in Rural Canada

Published: Feb 09, 2023 by University of Alberta Press
ISBN: 9781772126334

By Cassie Stocks

Twenty-seven-year-old Frieda Zweig is at an impasse. Behind her is a string of failed relationships and half-forgotten ambitions of being a painter; in front of her lies the dreary task of finding a real job and figuring out what “normal” people do with their lives. Then, a classified ad in the local paper introduces Frieda to Gladys, an elderly woman who long ago gave up on her dreams of being a dancer. The catch? Gladys is a ghost.

Dance, Gladys, Dance

Cassie Stocks (CA)

Published: May 01, 2012 by NeWest Press
ISBN: 9781897126769

By Sandra Walker

Taking a refreshing and practical approach, The Path to Wild Foods is an ethical field guide and recipe book that promotes respect for the natural world and for the cultures that use it effectively. Written by an accomplished ethnobotanist and educator, this book rekindles an interest in natural foods, including taking best advantage of “nature’s pharmacy” for medicinal plant use. Learn about the variety of plants around you to harvest and what to do with them once you have collected them.

Path to Wild Food, The: Edible Plants & Recipes for Canada

Sandra Walker (CA)

Published: Aug 15, 2021 by Lone Pine Media
ISBN: 9781774510667

By Yvonne Harris

In this thrilling adventure, ten-year-old Charlie is the target of two disreputable gold miners, one of whom may be a murderer. Charlie flees with his friend Claire, and the youngsters find themselves lost deep in the forest facing greater threats than the dangerous gold miners. Charlie and Claire confront the Yukon wilderness during a time when the only way to get to Dawson City in the summer was on the water with the great paddle wheelers or on foot using the Telegraph Trail. At the Echo Valley wood camp where the children are staying for the summer, there are no roads and no telephones. To survive, they must rely on their wits.

Yukon Gold Mystery

Yvonne Harris (CA)

Published: Jul 01, 2018 by Dragon Hill Publishing
ISBN: 9781896124728

By Bernice Friesen

Growing up on an isolated farm, Charlie is clearly different. He can never make sense of what anyone else is thinking or feeling, and finds solace in the infinitely fascinating world of numbers.

Many years later Charlie sees a phone number pop up on his call display for the first time in ten years—it belongs to a woman he assumed dead. On the verge of another breakdown, he searches the streets of Montréal for a lost love and is forced to face a past that he had desperately tried to forget.

Universal Disorder

Bernice Friesen (CA)

Published: Sep 01, 2020 by Freehand Books
ISBN: 9781988298559

By Leslie Greentree

Award-winning author Leslie Greentree presents fourteen short stories in this dark, often funny, deeply compelling collection that asks how we locate, create, and avoid meaning in our lives. These are stories about people and relationships challenged by death and redeemed by art. Satirical, political, personal, and tender, they take us to funerals, protests, art galleries, to the dark side of the service industry, and through cities on fire. Taking on the social collective, the performance of death, the political battleground, and the search for existential happiness with fearlessness and verve, Not the Apocalypse I Was Hoping For is full of sharp observation, irreverence, wit, and compassion.

Not the Apocalypse I Was Hoping For

Leslie Greentree (CA)

Published: Sep 15, 2022 by University of Calgary Press
ISBN: 9781773853697

By Nicholle Carrière

Super Explorers bring you the facts, and in this case, the facts are really weird!

  • At least 9 million people have the same birthday as YOU!
  • It takes about 50 licks to finish one scoop of ice cream.
  • You fart about 14 times a day.
  • You can’t sink if you swim in the Dead Sea because . . . Read this book to find out why.
Weird, Wacky & Wild

Nicholle Carriere (CA), Super Explorers (CA)

Published: May 30, 2022 by Blue Bike Books
ISBN: 9781989209127

By Derek Evernden

Bogart Creek Volume 2 is a collection of Derek Evernden’s laugh out loud funny, single-panel comics of absurd and dark humour. Similar in style to The Far Side, Bogart Creek is a perfect book for washroom reading.

Bogart Creek 2

Derek Evernden (CA)

Published: Nov 18, 2020 by Renegade Arts Entertainment
ISBN: 9781988903903

Searching for Happy Valley
By Jane Marshall

Over her 17-year career as a travel writer, Jane Marshall has wandered the planet, always in search of wild, high-altitude, off-the-beaten-track places. During her travels she discovered something profound. On three continents, separated by vast oceans, she found hidden valleys known locally as “Happy Valley.” Her quest: to discover what makes them happy and learn from their Indigenous keepers.

Searching for Happy Valley: A Modern Quest for Shangri-La

Jane Marshall (CA)

Published: Apr 25, 2023 by RMB | Rocky Mountain Books
ISBN: 9781771605731

By Mindy Johnstone

Discover the special places of Alberta in this colourful rhyming alphabet book by local artist, Mindy Johnstone. The vibrant scenes in this alphabet book are original acrylic paintings highlighting the diverse landscape and activities of Alberta—a rhyming journey from A to Z that visits city festivals, ancient badlands, the northern lights, and snowcapped peaks. Parents, teachers, and gift-givers will find that this is the perfect book for children to appreciate the wonders of Alberta.

A is for Alberta

Mindy Johnstone (CA)

Published: Oct 01, 2022 by Summerthought Publishing
ISBN: 9781926983554