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8 Alberta Books for the Children and Young Adult Reader

These books are perfect for the little ones on your list— let’s foster a love of reading early! Also perfect for: educators looking for Alberta-published content for the classroom, parents, daycare workers, and adults who read YA (we don’t judge!).

By Arnold James Isbister

The story of the origins of the Indigenous Little People spirits as told in the journal of Samuel White Wolf where he wrote about his encounters with them. These Little People acted as Guides throughout his life, and one very special Little Person became his close friend. 

Samuel & the Little People

Arnold Isbister

Published: Mar 01, 2023 by Eschia Books
ISBN: 9781990321092

Accessible icon: a stick person inside a circle. Available as an accessible eBook

By Jay Bulckaert, Erika Nyyssonen, Lucas Green

A story spanning the globe both imaginary and real, King Warrior celebrates the turbulent glory of childhood while encouraging the reader to reconnect with that rich inner palace of youthful imagination that ultimately holds the key to our freedom. Living in different worlds and separated by an ocean, a father and son try to stay connected through the power of imagination as their distanced lives pull them further apart.

King Warrior

Jay Bulckaert (CA), Erika Nyyssonen

Published: Sep 14, 2022 by Renegade Arts Entertainment
ISBN: 9781989754146

By Rita Feutl

Janey doesn’t want to spend the summer away from her friends in Toronto—and certainly not in Edmonton with the grandmother she hardly knows. But her parents will be away—her mother in Turkey designing housing for earthquake victims, her dad on business trips. Her first surprise is her feisty grandma, who meets her at the airport in her vintage Cadillac, Marilyn. The second comes when she visits the Fort Edmonton historic park and time travels to 1907. The third is learning the real reason she’s in Edmonton. Her grandma is going through cancer treatment and needs someone to be with her.

Rescue at Fort Edmonton

Rita Feutl (CA)

Published: Sep 01, 2021 by NeWest Press
ISBN: 9781774390412

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By Melissa Allan, and illustrated by Jadyn Fischer-McNab

Brave Like the Buffalo is a children’s book with a message that will inspire all readers to face the storms in their life with the help of their support systems and with a brave mindset.

This story uses a powerful animal, the buffalo, as a symbolic message and connection to Indigenous ways of knowing and being that helps to create a wonderful narrative rich with Indigenous ties and a heartwarming message around facing adversity.

Brave Like the Buffalo

Melissa Allan (CA)

Published: Sep 12, 2023 by RMB | Rocky Mountain Books
ISBN: 9781771606431

By Wendy Pirk

Sure, you know about the kangaroo and the koala, but how much do you know about the other unique animals Down Under? Australia and New Zealand have so many fascinating creatures, some that you might not have even heard of! 

Laugh Out Loud Nature Down Under

Wendy Pirk

Published: Sep 01, 2023 by Folklore Publishing
ISBN: 9781897206348

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By Brenda Joyce Leahy, illus. Melissa Bruglemans-LaBelle

Flip Flop Flapjack is the wild and true story behind the 100-year-old tradition of the Calgary Stampede pancake breakfast — as told by the granddaughter of the legendary founder Wildhorse Jack. Yahoo! Ideal for ages 4-7, this charming picture book has themes of sportsmanship, community spirit, and living life to the fullest.

Flip Flop Flapjack: Wildhorse Jack and the First Stampede Breakfast

Brenda Joyce Leahy (CA)

Published: May 15, 2023 by Red Barn Books Inc.
ISBN: 9781989915110

By Raymond Yakeleya

The Rainbow, The Midwife, and The Bird contains four Dene stories, as told by Raymond Yakeleya. Also included throughout the book are Dene language translations and additional supplementary resources, including an animated film, videogame, phone app, and more.

The Rainbow, the Midwife & the Birds: 4 Dene Tales

Raymond Yakeleya (CA)

Published: May 31, 2023 by Durvile Publications
ISBN: 9781988824574

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By Mindy Johnstone

Discover the special places of this western province in this colourful rhyming Alberta alphabet book by local artist, Mindy Johnstone. The vibrant scenes in this alphabet book are original acrylic paintings highlighting the diverse landscape and activities of Alberta—a rhyming journey from A to Z that visits city festivals, ancient badlands, the northern lights, and snowcapped peaks. Parents, teachers, and gift-givers will find that this is the perfect book for children to appreciate the wonders of Alberta.

A is for Alberta

Mindy Johnstone (CA)

Published: Oct 01, 2022 by Summerthought Publishing
ISBN: 9781926983554