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Last Modified: September 11, 2023
These five print and digital magazines may have been in production for varying years and cover a range of topics, but one thing they have in common is recently joining the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA).

By Nathan Iles

A reader holds a copy of The Scene. Photo by Nathan Iles.

As anyone who has spent a winter in Alberta will tell you, life in the prairies is defined by change and growth and that applies to journalism, too. Below are five publications covering everything from city life, skiing culture, local news, construction and roadwork and architectural design that have all recently joined the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA). AMPA members benefit from a plethora of offerings that help grow a publication and reach new audiences, so you might see more of these publications on stand or online.

The Scene

The Scene, an essential, Calgary-based print and online publication, has been connecting readers with what to do in Mohkinstsis (the Blackfoot name for Calgary) since 2017. The publication was recently acquired by RedPoint Media Group in April before joining AMPA in August, paving the way for “Calgary’s Going Out Guide” to provide even more coverage of live events, local culture and all the happenings in town. The Scene has also digitally preserved thousands of articles from its predecessor, the (now out-of-print) alternative news and entertainment publication, Fast Forward Weekly

Forecast Ski

With the stunning Rocky Mountains in our backyard, it’s no surprise that Alberta is home to Forecast Ski, the window into skiing culture across Canada and the world. Winter sports enthusiasts may already be familiar with the publication, which has been in production for a decade and offers both Canada-wide and international subscriptions. Forecast Ski publishes three issues a year with a mixture of informative coverage, irreverent articles— such as Alexandra Armstrong’s Red Hot, an ode to incredibly attractive ski patrollers— and dynamic photos that cover ski slope experiences and the cultural trends dominating downhill scenes worldwide.

Urban Affairs

Urban Affairs, colloquially known as Urban AF, believes modern journalism can be thoughtful without being a bore. The magazine has provided refreshing and inclusive analyses of the news stories impacting the residents of Amiskwaciwâskahikan (the Cree name for Edmonton) since January 2022— like Steven Sandor’s recent article, The Park Has Become a Political Football, an exploration of the politics behind a national park in Edmonton. Urban AF is the digital brainchild of Odvod Publishing Inc., a long-time Edmonton staple and publisher of award-winning monthly, Edify

Alberta Heavy

The highways of Alberta are the lifelines that keep Calgary, Edmonton and many diverse rural towns connected, and Alberta Heavy is an important part of this interconnected system. The flagship publication of the Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association publishes quarterly issues highlighting the experiences facing road workers and members of the construction industry across Alberta. But while the magazine may be construction-oriented, articles like Lisa Gordon’s Baby Onsite— a feature discussing pregnancy in the workplace— present a nuanced exploration of workplace issues for any reader. 

The Site

The Site magazine is changing the way we consider our built forms and natural surroundings. The independent journal has been a platform for architectural and design discussion since 2015, exploring the intersection of community and landscape across Canada with an interdisciplinary lens to showcase written stories, visual illustrations, design projects and more. Each bi-annual issue features a variety of thematically linked essays, like Micah Nathan’s searing editorial Snapshots in the Context of Forever, an exploration of the architecture within a video game.