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Last Modified: September 25, 2023
This month, find out the difference between “good” and “bad” grasshoppers, which small towns have the best eats, what it’s like to hike the world’s highest mountains with limited eyesight, the science of mushroom cultivation and a poem about displacement.

By Tsering Asha

Alberta magazines have a plethora of stories to tell and this summer is no exception. Below are five stories to add to your summer reading list, recently published by magazines based in Alberta.

Blight or Blessing: The importance of distinguishing “good” and “bad” grasshoppers

By Alanna Mitchell for Alberta Views, July/August 23

In this thoroughly reported piece for Alberta Views, a magazine that covers perspectives on the province’s politics, social issues and culture, writer Alanna Mitchell discusses the functions of some of Canada’s more than 100 species of grasshoppers and how some of them are critical to grassland ecosystems in the prairies.

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Alberta’s Small Town Foodie Stops with Big Taste

By Lynda Sea for Culinare, July/August 2023

If you’re looking for a tasty time-out during your next road trip, read on for this story in food and beverage magazine Culinare, which lists the best places to dine from Red Deer to Nisku to Drumheller and more!

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Pursuing Peak Perspective

By Mikaila Kukurudza for Impact Magazine, Summer Outdoor & Travel Issue

Can you imagine climbing a mountain without full vision? In this piece for Impact, Canada’s health, fitness and sports performance magazine, writer Mikaila Kukurudza speaks to Jill Wheatley, an avid adventurer with only 30 percent vision who’s climbed mountain ranges from Europe to the Himalayas, and plans to complete her last eight summits of the world’s 14 highest mountains, by the end of the year.

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From Waste to Taste 

Wider Horizons, Spring 2023

Fans of The Last of Us might be interested to know that Lethbridge College has its very own mycology lab. In this story for Wider Horizons, Lethbridge College’s community magazine, read about how environmental sciences instructor Dr. Adriana Morrell is studying the benefits of fungi and the role food waste could play in promoting sustainability in agriculture in its use for growing nutrient-rich mushrooms.

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The Chestnuts are Still Blossoming (from the On the border series)

By Tony Lashden for The Polyglot, Issue 11

This powerful and timely piece by Tony Lashden in The Polyglot, a biannual, online magazine featuring multilingual poetry and art, focuses on the Belarusian poet’s experience of being forced into exile from Belarus in 2020 to Ukraine where Lashden then lived until the Russian invasion started in 2022. According to Lashden’s poet’s statement, the poem recounts a life between borders. 

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