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Book Talk with Ken Davis: Interview with Kevin Van Tighem

Wild Roses Are Worth It: Reimaging the Alberta Advantage is a collection of essays by Kevin Van Tighem. It is a timely collection for an Alberta in transition, and offers an unflinching challenge to cherished myths and conventional wisdom in a troubled province beset with profound questions about its future. Even at their most provocative, however, these writings remind us of what is best about the Alberta spirit, and offer the possibility of a more sustaining relationship with our place and with one another.

Ken Davis sat down with Kevin Van Tighem for an inspiring talk about Alberta’s future on “Book Talk on Read Alberta,” a monthly video series featuring Alberta-published books and authors. They covered all sorts of topics, including the recent threat of strip-mining occurring on Alberta’s Eastern Slopes:

“…to see thousands and thousands of Albertans rise up on their hind legs… Albertans from the city, from the country, from First Nations, from every political walk of life. I’ve never seen anything like that in the history of this province, where everybody came together. And they came together over an environmental issue that mattered—fundamentally—to them: their water security and their Eastern Slopes. I’m amazed by that, and I’m really inspired by it…

Because we’re together on this. Albertans are together on this. And we’re together trying to defend things that matter. Maybe I didn’t need to write the darn book! Because that’s what I was trying to contribute to by writing the book…was to build a different narrative around what it means to be Albertan, and what it means to be of Alberta.”

—Kevin Van Tighem



Photo of Ken Davis

Ken Davis has been a lumberjack , a forest firefighter, a Zamboni driver, a broadcast journalist and documentary producer, a talk show host, a broadcasting executive, a record label manager, and a marketing wizard in book publishing and theatre. He currently serves as a digital marketing consultant for a Canadian publishing company.


Kevin Van Tighem, a former superintendent of Banff National Park, has written more than 200 articles, stories, and essays on conservation and wildlife which have garnered him many awards, including Western Magazine Awards, Outdoor Writers of Canada book and magazine awards, and the Journey Award for Fiction. He is the author of Bears Without FearThe Homeward WolfHeart Waters: Sources of the Bow RiverOur Place: Changing the Nature of Alberta, and Wild Roses Are Worth It: Alberta Reconsidered. He lives with his wife, Gail, in Canmore, Alberta.

Wild Roses Are Worth It: Reimagining the Alberta Advantage

Kevin Van Tighem (CA)

Published: Apr 27, 2021 by RMB | Rocky Mountain Books
ISBN: 9781771604857