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The event image for scenic geography of Alberta, showing hoodoos.
The Scenic Geology of Alberta
August 17, 2021 7:00 pm
Hosted by: Audrey’s Books and Owl’s Nest Books

Co-hosted by Audreys Books in Edmonton and Owl’s Nest Books in Calgary. Plan your scenic Alberta adventures for the rest of the summer.

The kids are headed back to school and there is only one month left of summer! Looking to make a few more memories, but want to stay close to home?

Dale Leckie guides you to Alberta’s most scenic sites that are best seen in summer, telling the story of Alberta’s landscape evolution. With trips to Edmonton, Calgary, Crowsnest Pass, Elk Island National Park and more, he takes you to explore volcanoes and glaciations long past. And he will suggest stops along well-travelled and not-so-well-travelled routes worth exploring. Leckie blends storytelling with science, history and art to breathe new life into the geology of the landscape.

These scenic geological wonders can be seen from roadside pullouts and explored on hikes.

DR. DALE LECKIE is an award-winning geologist internationally recognized for his contributions to geology. With degrees in Geology and Geography, he has worked in the Rocky Mountains for much of his career. Dale lives in Calgary.

“The Scenic Geology of Alberta is … a cultural and scientific excursion. Beautifully illustrated and mapped, a companion to hikes and rambles, it will galvanize the imagination, as much a history of Alberta as it is an interpretation of rocks and land formations.” – Aritha van Herk, CM, AOE, FRSC. Writer, editor, critic.

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