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Cover of "Stories of Metis Women: Tales my Kookum Told Me" illustrated with flowers created with beadwork
Book Launch: STORIES OF MÉTIS WOMEN – Tales My Kookum Told Me
September 15, 2021 7:00 pm
Hosted by: Shelf Life Books and Durvile & UpRoute Books

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Join us for the virtual launch of STORIES OF MÉTIS WOMEN – Tales My Kookum Told Me, edited by Bailey Oster & Marilyn Lizee.
This book, and accompanying Vimeo documentary link, is a collection of stories about culture, history, and nationhood as told by Métis women. The Métis are known by many names — Otipemisiwak, “the people who own ourselves;” Bois Brules, “Burnt Wood;” Apeetogosan, “half brother” by the Cree; “half-breed,” historically; and are also known as “rebels” and “traitors to Canada.”They are also known as the “Forgotten People.” Few really know their story. Many people may also think that Métis simply means “mixed,” but it does not. They are a people with a unique and proud history and Nation. In this era of reconciliation, Stories of Métis Women explains the story of the Métis Nation from the women’s own perspective. The UN has declared this “The Decade of Indigenous Languages” and Stories of Métis Women is one of the few books available in English and Michif, which is an endangered language.
Bailey Oster, Editor
Bailey Oster is a Métis woman with roots in the Red River Settlement and St. Paul des Métis. Bailey received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a researchfocus in restorative justice. She currently works as a manager within the YouthPrograms and Services Department at the Métis Nation of Alberta. She waselected as the youngest ever Vice President of New Dawn, the Métis Women’s Organization within Alberta at 19 years old and still currently holds the position.
Marilyn Lizee, Editor
As President of New Dawn Metis Women’s Society, Marilyn Lizee has had a long career in Métis politics that goes back prior to 1996. She continues to take many responsibilities within her Métis community, including her role as Senior Cultural Chair of the Métis Nation of Alberta’s Cultural Committee. She also works with, and for, President Audrey Poitras. It is her passion for her culture and her identity as a strong Métis woman that gives her pride and motivation to continue her journey forward.
Matt LeMay – is a bestselling, multiple award-winning Métis filmmaker, who owns and operates LeMay Media. Matt is an innovator in the field of educational documentary film with a strong focus on reconciliation and the environment. Matt currently has five new films available for viewing on Amazon Prime in the UK and USA.
Since 2007, Matt and his team have received numerous awards and successfully produced over 500 educational videos and 25 documentary films for a wide variety of clients across Canada and around the world.
Stories of Métis Women: Tales My Kookum Told Me

Bailey Oster (CA)

Published: Aug 15, 2021 by Durvile Publications
ISBN: 9781988824215