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Five Book Club Ideas for Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month and the League of Canadian Poets has selected “resilience” as their theme for 2021. Resilience has taken so many forms this past year and everyone’s efforts to stay afloat deserve to be recognized and celebrated. “Resilience is the courage to start each day anew,” writes the LCP. Here are some thoughts for how you and your book club can celebrate resilience through poetry:

1. Read Coconut by Nisha Patel

Coconut rises fiercely like the sun. These poems bestow light and warmth and the ability to witness the world, but they ask for more than basking; they ask readers to grow and warn that they can be burnt. Above all, Nisha Patel’s work questions and challenges propriety and what it means to be a good woman, second-generation immigrant, daughter, consumer, and lover.


Nisha Patel (CA)

Published: Apr 01, 2021 by NeWest Press
ISBN: 9781774390238

2. Participate in Poem in Your Pocket Day

On April 29th, select a poem to carry around in your pocket or share on social media. We love the idea of folding your selected poem into an origami crane.

3. Play book spine poetry

Get inspired by browsing #BookSpinePoetry on Twitter or Instagram and then gather books from your collection to create your own!

4. Read Tell the Birds Your Body is Not a Gun by Rayanne Haines

This collection contains a visceral narrative that questions our relationship with religion and challenges how we reflect on our own memories of trauma.


5. Read The Bad Wife by Micheline Maylor

The Bad Wife

Micheline Maylor (CA)

Published: Mar 09, 2021 by The University of Alberta Press
ISBN: 9781772125481