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Last Modified: May 2, 2024
Canadian Independent Bookstore Day 2024

This year, Canadian Independent Bookstore Day (CIBD) falls on Saturday April 27. Of course, we think that Canada’s indie bookstores need to be celebrated every day, but April 27 is what we got, so let’s make it a special day.

Independent booksellers are an integral part of Canadian culture. If you’ve been reading our blogs on bookstores across Alberta, you will know that booksellers are deeply passionate about their work, prioritize best-in-class customer service, and provide unmatched value for the book-buying public. Several new independent bookstores have opened in the last few years, which goes to show how optimistic we all are about the future of reading in Alberta. Let’s keep our bookstores in business by taking the opportunity as a book community to come together and celebrate indie bookstores across Canada!

But it’s more than just business. Indie bookstores are pillars of the communities in which they reside. Their staff are actively involved in the neighbourhood and provide an inclusive space where people can connect over shared interests and engage in important discussions. Local booksellers also play a vital role in the Canadian literary ecosystem. They are conduits of discovery, championing Canadian creators at all career stages and introducing Canadian readers to a diverse range of voices from across Canada’s rich cultural landscape—including writers who identify as Indigenous, Black, People of Colour, and LGBTQ2S+ (The Canadian Independent Booksellers Association, “Why Celebrate Indie Bookstores?”).

Indie booksellers work hard to serve their customers and communities. CIBD is our opportunity to say thank you.

Alberta Publishers Give a Shoutout to Indie Bookstores

  • Indie bookstores satisfy the needs and wants of book lovers in urban, suburban, and rural communities across Canada. RMB is always thrilled to see our books on tables, shelves, and in the windows of indie booksellers throughout Alberta! — Rocky Mountain Books
  • Indie bookstores are attuned to the issues and tastes of their local communities and are essential for putting great books in the hands of people who will love them. — Athabasca University Press
  • Indie bookstores are the ultimate curators, human beings who can find the right book to unlock something in customers’ minds, again and again. Show me a machine that can do that! — NeWest Press
  • Independent bookstores play a critical role in the book ecosystem. We appreciate their huge support of local authors as well as university presses and indie publishers, their willingness to host events, and their contributions to literary culture in all regions of Canada. — University of Alberta Press
  • Indie bookstores are the heart and soul of thriving literary communities throughout our province and throughout Canada. — Laberinto Press
  • In any ecosystem, diversity is essential for survival. Canada’s independent bookstores give us that necessary diversity: they are, each of them, unique, and they work tirelessly to include and feature the books which would not otherwise share shelf space with the bestsellers. — Freehand Books
  • Indie bookstores are the cornerstone of a community’s cultural identity, helping readers find the authors and stories that they need to read. — Renegade Arts Entertainment 

Celebrate Canadian Independent Bookstore Day

The Canadian Independent Booksellers Association (CIBA) has shared a list of ways everyone can participate in the event:

  • Buy books! Purchase books and other items from your local indie bookstore in-person, online, or by phone to show your support (and then enter CIBA’s Contest for Book Lovers).
  • Check out bookstore activities. Local shops across Canada are planning celebratory activities for the big day including customer giveaways, discounts, exclusive products, author events, and more. Visit their websites and social channels for details. 
  • Help spread the word. CIBD is an opportunity to raise awareness about everything that indies have to offer. Follow CIBA on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter and share their info about the campaign.

Don’t have a go-to indie bookstore? Check out Read Alberta’s Bookseller Profiles, or use this tool to find an independent bookstore near you in Alberta:

However you choose to celebrate, Read Alberta hopes you have a fabulous Canadian Independent Bookstore Day!