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Last Modified: March 28, 2021
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Overview of Alberta’s Publishers

“I’m blown away by the support and camaraderie among Alberta publishers. We are a small but passionate bunch, and it’s an honour to count myself as part of this vital creative industry.” —Ayesha Clough, Red Barn Books

Alberta has one of the strongest communities of regional publishers in North America with over thirty companies in operation. These publishers work with writers, printers, artists, and other creative people to produce high quality books that are sold in Alberta and throughout the world.

Alberta’s book industry has a special spirit of innovation: we have Canada’s first open access publisher, Athabasca University Press, which, along with University of Calgary Press (also an Open Access Publisher), ensures that the spread of knowledge is democratic. Alberta’s cutting-edge literary publishers, such as Freehand Books, NeWest Press, and Stonehouse Publishing, punch above their weight when it comes to awards and critical acclaim. Renegade Arts and Entertainment publishes some of Canada’s most original graphica; Brush Education has world class books for professional audiences in medical and health sciences, education, and K9 training; and who could forget the gorgeous book boxes and special editions to come out of Hingston & Olsen, including the Short Story Advent Calendar and the Ghost Box.