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Last Modified: November 7, 2022
Graphic with the messaging: Alberta Book Day
Alberta Book Publishers Celebrate Fifth Annual Alberta Book Day

The members of the Book Publishers Association of Alberta (BPAA) are delighted to celebrate November 3, 2022 as the fifth annual “Alberta Book Day”. The day has been designated to celebrate the depth and breadth of the book publishing industry in Alberta, and to recognize the significant contributions Alberta book publishers make to our province’s cultural and economic landscapes. 

Thirteen of Alberta’s book publishers are gathering at the Queen Elizabeth II Building to display Alberta-published books, and to meet MLAs and government staff to talk about the industry and the importance of the government’s investment in the growth and sustainability of publishing books. 

“The past two Alberta Book Days were held virtually, and it is wonderful that we were able to return to in-person this year,” said Kieran Leblanc, Executive Director of the BPAA. “This event is a great way for MLAs and their staff to learn more about Alberta book publishers and discover the essential role they play in supporting authors, growing the economy, and telling Alberta’s story.”

The modern book publishing industry has existed in Alberta since 1969, with the opening of the University of Alberta Press, followed by Hurtig Publishing in 1972. It continues to flourish with almost thirty book publishers that publish annually over 150 titles by local, national, and international authors.

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Kieran Leblanc, Executive Director

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