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Last Modified: December 11, 2023
Group photograph of Alberta publishers with Minister Fir, who is holding the declaration of Alberta Book Day 2023. At the bottom of the photograph, Alberta Book Day is written in white font on an orange background.
Alberta Book Day

On November 7, the Book Publishers Association of Alberta (BPAA) celebrated the Sixth Annual Alberta Book Day. Although celebrating books by dedicating a day in their honour is a relatively new concept in Alberta, the history of Book Days stretches back as far as the 1920s. UNESCO declared the first World Book and Copyright Day on 23 April 1995, but countries celebrate books at different times throughout the year.

In Alberta, we chose November to celebrate the work our publishers do—just the right time as the days get shorter, and the colder weather drives us into the coziness of our favourite chair. While the BPAA celebrates Alberta books in many ways, including through bestseller lists and the Diversity and Inclusion reading list, the digital Read Alberta Collection that makes Alberta-published eBooks available to readers, and the Alberta Books for Schools initiative, Alberta Book Day is unique. While Alberta Book Day is certainly about fostering a love for reading among Albertans, it is also much more than that: it is a celebration dedicated to recognizing the profound impact of Alberta’s book publishers on our province’s cultural and economic landscapes.

And for that, Alberta’s book publishers gather at the Alberta Legislature every year to display Alberta-published books, and to meet MLAs and government staff to showcase the industry and the importance of the government’s investment in the growth and sustainability of publishing books. As Tanya Fir, Minister of Arts, Culture, and Status of Women, noted in her official address to open Alberta Book Day, the BPAA’s work “supports our vision that every Albertan has a chance to explore their creativity, share their culture and exercise their artistic expression. The book publishing industry has an important role in spreading the stories of Alberta to readers around the world, sharing our cultural identity and heritage.”

The book publishing industry in Alberta plays a significant role in the provincial economy and its reach stretches across a variety of sectors, such as tourism, culture, health, and education. With over thirty companies, Alberta book publishers create roughly 115 full-time jobs and nearly $7.5 million in wages and salaries and contribute over $14 million annually to the provincial economy. They also contribute to our children’s education by supplying high-quality, locally produced resources for both teachers and students in Alberta.

“We need the books that tell the story of Alberta and Albertans,” the Minister said in her remarks. “Books are more than ink on paper or words on a screen. They are triumph, memories, escape, relief and empowerment.”

We could not agree more.


Photos from Alberta Book Day

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