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Last Modified: August 14, 2023
A graphic of two floating book shelves, with books. On the bottom shelf is the text "airdrie READS"
Airdrie Reads

The popularity of Canada Reads, the national “literary Survivor” series hosted by CBC, has led to several local spin-offs. Among these is Airdrie Reads, hosted by airdrielife magazine.

The aim of this program is threefold: to promote literacy in general, to support local authors, and to raise awareness and add to the collection at the new Airdrie Public Library.

Here’s how the program works.

  1. Alberta publishers and authors submit entries to Airdrie Reads using the online entry form. Limit of three (3) publications per publisher/author. Deadline for submissions is September 5, 2023.
  2. An Airdrie Reads submission committee comprised of members of airdrielife and the Airdrie Public Library will select a minimum of three (3) adult books, one (1) youth and one (1) children’s book to review in the Winter issue of airdrielife. Preference will be given to Airdrie area authors.
  3. Book reviewers will include members of the airdrielife and APL teams. These reviews will run in the Winter issue (publication: November 22, 2023) plus receive social media and online support during the lifespan of the issue (November 2023-February 2024). It is anticipated that each review will be approximately a half page in the magazine, including book cover image and review text.
  4. Selected authors/publishers are contacted for an author photo and three (3) copies of each book: one to be reviewed, one to be donated to the APL and one to be given away in a reader engagement contest.
  5. Upon publication, readers can enter to win the reviewed book of their choice via social media posts and our weekly newsletter. (If you want to give away more than one (1) copy to readers, just let us know on the entry form.) Reader draw will take place in early 2024.

airdrielife magazine is excited to support local authors and publishers and encourage you to take advantage of this timely opportunity for some FREE promotion! Advertising opportunities within this special editorial feature are also available by calling Wendy at 403-863-4785.

Download a PDF of the media release here.