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10 Fascinating Insights into the Accessible Alberta: eBooks for Everyone Collection

Launched in March 2024, each title in the Accessible Alberta collection includes features that provide an accessible reading experience for all readers. The Book Publishers Association of Alberta’s (BPAA) dedication to highlighting accessible eBooks and audiobooks from Alberta publishers is on display in this stunning collection of titles that encompasses a wide range of genres and age ranges. This online platform offers a wealth of literary treasures to its users while prioritizing accessibility features to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, can engage with its content – because everyone deserves access to great stories. In this blog post, we embark on a journey through the virtual corridors of the Accessible Alberta website, uncovering ten intriguing facts about the collection. Let’s delve into the world of accessible literature and discover what makes Accessible Alberta the most unique and largest provincial collection of accessible digital titles in Canada.

What is the Accessible Alberta: eBooks for Everyone collection comprised of?

This collection features over 800 accessible titles from publishers across Alberta. All the titles in this collection are Alberta-published books available in accessible formats, including both eBooks and audiobooks.


Why is this collection important?

While accessibility should be prioritized without reason, 10% of Canadians have a print disability, which limits their ability to read in a traditional print format. Combined with less than 10% of Canadian published content in Canada being available in an accessible format, it means that print-disabled Canadians struggle to find titles in a format that works for them.

“Accessible Alberta stemmed from the goal of making reading more accessible for all,” says the executive director of the Book Publishers Association of Alberta, Kieran Leblanc. “The BPAA has worked with publishers to incorporate accessible publishing practices into their workflows, and we were able to leverage the great work Alberta publishers are doing in this area.”


How diverse is the selection in terms of genres and subject matter?

The collection is very diverse in terms of genre and subject! The collection spans over 40 subjects/genres from Comics/Graphic Novels to Fiction to True Crime to Tech/Engineering and everything in between! Moreover, additional categories were created to discover titles based on locality, LSBTQ2S experiences, and Indigenous peoples and experiences.


What reading levels are available in this collection?

The collection ranges all reading levels – from children’s books to scholarly and academic works and textbooks. From child to teen to adult, you’ll find a title for any reading level!


What languages are the titles in? Does the collection include French language titles?

The collection is mainly in English, but some titles incorporate Indigenous languages (for example, kiyâm by AU Press). While there are no French-language titles at this time, we hope to add them in future additions to the website.


What specific features or technologies are implemented within the eBooks to enhance accessibility for readers with visual impairments?

Users can find accessibility information specific to each title under the “Accessibility Detail” header on the title page. Some examples of the type of accessibility work done on the titles include: ALT text, structural navigation, table of contents, page list and reading order, use of high contrast between text and background colour, and language tagging.


Can librarians and teachers easily search and filter through the eBook collection based on specific criteria?

Yes! Titles within the Accessible Alberta collection can be browsed by subject or category by clicking the appropriate tab on the top menu. Within each of these pages, you will find additional filters by which you can find titles.

When browsing by subject, you can filter by subcategory using the dropdown at the top of the page. Using additional dropdowns, you can also choose the order in which titles are displayed (most recent vs. alphabetical).

When browsing by category, you can filter all books associated within a given category (for example, About Alberta). After selecting the category, you can also use the “Audience” menu to filter your results to focus on books for children, young adults, or adult readers. Or enter your search term in the search bar at the top of the page. You can also export your searches into an excel spreadsheet. You will find a “Download List” button on the top right of all title selections across the site, including categories, subjects, and curated lists.


How frequently are new eBooks added to the collection?

Titles will be added to the collection quarterly. New titles will be added in March, June, September, and December – so be sure to check this collection frequently for new titles!


Where can I purchase these titles for my library?

If you are a librarian looking to add eBooks to your collection, please use your usual buying system. Links are available for multiple library vendors (including Overdrive, Hoopla, DeMarque, ProQuest, and Follett). You can also export a spreadsheet with a list of eBook ISBNs to assist with ordering.


How can I provide feedback or offer suggestions about this collection?

We welcome any feedback or suggestions! Send an email to info@bookpublishers.ab.ca and let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see on the site.